Generally speaking, your health insurance company will not extend coverage to another person unless you have a legal financial obligation, such as marriage or a domestic partnership.

However, every insurance policy and company will vary, so you can always call your insurance company for specifics on your policy.

How Can I Help My Girlfriend with Insurance?

Regardless of the pregnancy option your girlfriend pursues, it’s critical that she has medical coverage during pregnancy. It’s a health condition that’s monitored closely.

If you’d like to help your girlfriend receive insurance coverage, you have a few options:

1. Change Your Relationship Status

Getting married or establishing a domestic partnership are serious life decisions. However, if you’re both ready, it will likely enable you to extend your insurance coverage.

2. Help Your Girlfriend to Review Her Insurance Options

Insurance Through Her Employer:

Is your girlfriend employed by a company that could offer insurance benefits? While this might require going from part-time to full-time, employer-sponsored insurance is often more reasonable than private insurance.

Medicaid or MinnesotaCare:

If your girlfriend meets the eligibility requirements for Medicaid, known as MinnesotaCare in our state, then she can receive insurance benefits.

Insured by Parents if She’s 26 or Under

If your girlfriend is 26 or under, her parent’s insurance can still cover her as a dependent. However, if she decides to carry to term, her child may not be covered.

Private Insurance

Purchasing private insurance is always an option for anyone. However, it’s generally more expensive than employer-sponsored insurance because an employer usually contributes to the cost as an employment benefit.

Abortion Coverage in Minnesota

Please note that in Minnesota, there are currently no laws that require private insurance companies to cover or not cover abortion. This means coverage will vary from company to company.

However, due to recent legal changes, MinnesotaCare does cover abortion expenses in certain cases. If seeking an elective abortion, you may pay out of pocket.

Free Services at Lake’s Life Care Center

While Lake’s Life Care Center doesn’t refer for or provide abortions, you and your girlfriend can visit us to talk with our knowledgeable staff about all three of your pregnancy options: abortion, parenting, and adoption.

Your girlfriend can receive free pregnancy testing and an ultrasound at no cost to identify important details about her pregnancy. 

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