Feeling pressured by your parents is an incredibly difficult position to be in. 

Lakes LifeCare Center can support you emotionally during this time and provide early pregnancy services. Reach out to us today to talk in person in a safe space.

Here are a few tips when you find yourself in this situation.

1. Communicate That It’s Your Decision

Your parents had a say over many parts of your life as a child. They chose where you’d go to school, what activities you were in, and how to raise you. 

However, now you’re older, and you are the one facing the pregnancy. Your decision will impact your life more than anyone else’s—even your parents.

Respectfully and calmly communicate that this is your decision.

2. Give Them Time and Space

Your parents might receive what you’re saying and respect your choice, or they might still pressure you to consider abortion.

Reiterate that this is your decision, and give them the time and space to process. 

They could be pressuring you out of fear, and their feelings could change as they see your determination to choose another option.

3. Explore Your Options

You have two other options: parenting and adoption. You could decide to move forward with parenting with the help of organizations like ours. 

If you decide parenting isn’t right for you at this time, you could also consider adoption.

Adoption is a brave and loving choice, and one your parents might not be entirely familiar with. If you feel adoption fits your current situation and could provide a bright future for your child, learn more about it

4. Seek Support from Local Organizations

If you decide to carry your pregnancy to term and want to choose either parenting or adoption, you will need a support system.

Local organizations can help you whether or not your parents support you and your choice. You do not have to feel hopeless or like there is no other option when experiencing parental pressure.

Lakes LifeCare Center is an excellent starting point. We can talk with you about all your options and connect you to local organizations that can help.

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