Now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, sometimes it is challenging to discern the truth in a highly charged environment. 

Read this article for common questions about this historic court ruling and the facts about abortion access in the U.S.

What Did the Supreme Court’s Overruling Mean?

In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion is included in a woman’s constitutional right to privacy. This means that abortion was codified as a legally protected right in the U.S. 

When the sitting Supreme Court overturned this in 2022, abortion lost its federal protection. 

While it did not criminalize it overnight, it did leave the status of abortion access up to the authority of each state. If this ruling was ever overruled, some states already had abortion protected in their state constitutions. In contrast, others had “trigger” laws that banned abortion after a certain number of days.

How Does the Supreme Court Overruling Impact Women’s Healthcare?

Thankfully, this ruling only affected abortion access. This means that there should be no changes to a woman’s access to other pregnancy-related procedures or conditions (such as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancies). 

Even in states that have banned abortion, such as Texas, there are health provisions in these new laws that allow for abortions in case a physician deems it necessary to save the life of the woman.

What are the Restrictions on Abortion in Minnesota?

Minnesota still has laws and its state constitution that allow abortions up to viability. After this point, exceptions can still be made for an abortion if the woman’s life is endangered.

The state constitution protects abortion, so the only way it would become illegal is through an amendment. 

What is Important to Consider Before an Abortion?

In an unplanned pregnancy, no one should feel like they do not have options. At Lakes Life Care Center, we help you explore what those options are and help you come up with a plan.

We offer no-cost ultrasounds, which can give you essential details such as the pregnancy’s age, location, and status. If the ultrasound reveals that you are not at risk of health complications such as a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy, the age of the pregnancy can also inform you what procedures you are eligible for. 

We also offer options consultations where you can ask questions, voice any concerns, and learn more about options and local resources.
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