An unexpected pregnancy can feel scary. If your friends press you to terminate, but you’re unsure, it can feel even more unnerving and isolating. While your friends may mean well, only your opinion matters.

At Lakes Life Center, we provide confidential appointments where you can freely explore your options. Our team is dedicated to listening, addressing your questions, and assisting you in finding the path that you are most comfortable with.

Do Your Research

There are three possible pregnancy outcomes: parenting, adoption, or abortion. Even if your friends are trying to sway you toward one option (like abortion), make sure you evaluate all the possibilities and their long-term implications.

Beyond just the practical aspects, carefully consider how each option may impact your mental health and well-being in the months and years ahead. For example, one study concluded that abortion is associated with elevated levels of mental health struggles.

This is a highly personal decision, so do your research and don’t let others’ opinions overshadow what feels right for you.

Schedule a Free Ultrasound

At Lakes Life Center, we offer no-cost ultrasounds to help you understand your options.

For example, an ultrasound can reveal the pregnancy’s gestational age. The abortion pill is only FDA-approved through ten weeks of gestational age, so it’s helpful to know this information upfront.

You can also determine the pregnancy’s location. If it is outside of the womb, this is called an ectopic pregnancy and can be life-threatening. An ectopic pregnancy needs immediate medical attention.

An ultrasound will also confirm whether or not the pregnancy is still developing. If you have miscarried, this would also be helpful to know since you may need medical attention.

At Lakes Life Center, we can equip you to feel empowered rather than pressured to make an informed decision. Contact us today!