Abortion is not your only option, no matter what your finances look like right now. You can also choose parenting or adoption. There are many organizations available to help with your choice.

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Make a Heart Decision

“Following your heart” might sound like a cliche, but it’s essential to consider your hopes and dreams before making a pregnancy decision. Whatever you choose will impact your future.

Your finances will change. You might feel like you’re struggling today, but after you finish job training, college, or pay off your debt, you could find yourself in a better position.

Think about the future. Do you want abortion, parenting, or adoption to be a part of your story? When you look back in five years on each choice, what might you think or feel? 

The Costs of Adoption and Parenting

With that said, it is wise to consider your finances and costs to understand what resources you will need with each choice.

Adoption Costs

Adoption is one of the most cost-effective options because the adoptive family typically pays all the expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth, such as uninsured hospital expenses and legal fees. In Minnesota, they can even help with necessary living expenses during pregnancy and up to six weeks after birth.

Financially speaking, adoption is very affordable. However, only choose this option if it’s what you truly want. It can be emotionally difficult for women to place their children with an adoptive family. 

However, it does come with the joy of knowing you helped a hopeful adoptive couple grow their family and are giving your child a chance at a bright future.

Parenting Costs

Parenting is the most expensive option because you are committing to raising a child for eighteen years. You will be responsible for providing your child with food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and other necessities.

But you are not alone in this. Depending on your financial situation, you could receive support from many sources.

If you are under a certain income limit, you could receive government benefits such as Medicaid for healthcare costs and other helpful resources. Community organizations are also ready to help with material goods such as diapers, formula, car seats, clothing, and more to give you a strong start.

If your heart is set on parenting, it is possible. There are resources available. We can provide information so you understand what this option might look like financially.

Only You Can Decide

Your pregnancy is your decision. When weighing your options, ask yourself hard questions. If money wasn’t a factor, what option would you choose?

The choice is yours, but we are here to help. Visit Lakes LifeCare Center to receive no-cost and confidential support and early pregnancy services.